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A word with James Cullen...the founder of Oval Envy

                Oval stickers are my life. I am a recovering lawyer. I have also been a fund manager and seller of American preppy clothing to Europe. While on those sales trips I became fascinated with the concept of those little black and white signs on the back of cars to show where they were from. They had clever abbreviations such as GB for Great Britain and F for France. What a great concept. Why didn’t we have them here?  Well, because this is a vast country and everybody comes from the same place, the USA.

                 Or do they. There are fifty states. But beyond that there are countless interests from sports to hobbies to beaches we have visited. Surely there must be a way of stating that. Not to mention our favorite dog breed or restaurant. So I created Oval Envy to fill that need. Our large inventory of stock designs is constantly added to. Plus we can do customs that are only limited by your imagination.